How much sunlight do indoor green and blooming plants need?

How much sunlight do indoor green and blooming plants need?

You’ve been gifted with a beautiful flowering plant or perhaps a gorgeous green plant, and you want the plant to last for years. Sunlight is a critical component for indoor plants.

Here are the basics you need to know regarding sunlight and your indoor plants.

Potted green plants

Most plants will come with a card that identifies the plant and may even specify how much light the plant needs. If a plant calls for direct sun, you should place it in a sunny window and open the blinds (and even pull back sheer curtains) to allow plenty of sunshine. If a plant calls for partial shade that means it only wants sun part of the day. An "east or west" facing window is a great option for a plant that calls for partial shade.

Potted flowering plants

In general, flowering indoor plants need more light than green foliage plants. After all, the plant is working harder to flower than one that doesn't bloom. However, just as with potted green plants, be sure to look for a card that identifies the plant and specifies on how much light it needs. In most cases, a south facing window will provide the most intense light for a flowering plant, as long as there’s nothing obstructing the light, like outdoor trees or awnings.

Cut flower arrangements

Sunlight can actually shorten the life of a cut floral arrangement.Once flowers have been cut from the source plant, for use in an arrangement, sunlight’s less beneficial. Some cut flowers do need a little bit of light, but indirect light is best. Direct sunlight on a cut flower arrangement can cause blooms to open faster and fade in color from the associated heat. Just as you want to avoid direct sunlight for most cut arrangements, you’ll also want to keep them away from heat sources, such as radiators or heating vents.

Your plants or flowers will tell you if they’re not getting the right light. For flowering plants, insufficient light can cause yellowing in the leaves, while too much light can cause leaf burn or pale foliage. Foliage plants that aren’t getting enough light may also start to grow tall and spindly, and flowering plants will fail to bloom in insufficient light.

With a little care and attention to the right lighting, your potted plants will do well indoors.

Have questions about a plant you received or want to send a foliage or flowering plant to someone? Give us a call! We’re here to help.

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