Halloween Costumes

Spooky day, Lilygrass fans!

One of our favorite holidays is quickly approaching –Halloween!

In case you haven’t been able to nail down that ever important costume

idea yet, let us help you out! We’ve got some great ideas that incorporate one of our

other favorite things – flowers, of course!

If you’re into something a little bit spicy, we’ve cooked up a Poison Ivy super villain

theme for you! Call us up and order a nice garland of (not poisonous) ivy. We can

even weave in some small, white flowers, too. Wrap that garland around your sultry

self, and your costume will definitely delight!


Perhaps you’d like a more maternal costume idea? Try our Mother Nature on for

size! Order a headband of wildflowers and pair that with some smaller bands to go

around your wrists and even ankles! We can even make a belt for your waist! If

you’d like to try something other than a headband, we can make some flower

strands for you hair that you can weave into a braid or attach with unnoticeable

clips. Bonus points if you decide to be a Mother Nature when you’re expecting! How



There are a million ideas out there for creative kids’ costumes, and it would be very

easy to incorporate real flowers into many of them. For example, look

up "Flowerpot costumes" on the internet. Most pictures I’ve seen of that costume had

used fake flowers, but let Lilygrass help you take your costume to the next level.

Bring in your kid and their flowerpot, and we’ll help you design a costume others

will adore!


Another kid-friendly fall trend we’re excited to try is leaf wings! Turn your

woodland fairy into a breathtaking masterpiece with some wings made out of real

(or fake) leaves! These wings complement several different costumes, so get out

there and be original!


Don’t forget the power of the unique hair-do! Let’s put a bird’s nest up there,

complete with a fake bird! Come on in to Lilygrass, we’ll measure your head, and

then we can create a custom fake nest for you to wear! It could absolutely go with

lots of other costumes, or it can be worn by itself. Either way, plan on getting lots of

compliments and photos!


Lilygrass has creative and talented designers who will do anything and

everything to make what you envision, a reality. Bring in some pictures or discuss

your costume ideas with our specialists, and we will create a masterpiece sure to


Have a happy and safe Halloween, ghouls and gals!

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