Guidelines for Sympathy Orders

When it comes to expressing condolence, Flowers and Plants continue to be important. Whether you are wanting to offer flowers to the funeral in the memory of the deceased or sending a blooming plant to the grieving family at home, it is always appreciated as a thoughtful way to express your feeling for the deceased and support for the family. If you are not sure exactly what type of flowers or plant would be appropriate for a funeral service, you can read these guidelines which will give you some factors that you should keep in mind while choosing flowers or plants for funeral services.

Relationship with the deceased
When deciding on flowers for funeral services, you should keep in mind a few things such as the personality of the deceased and what might be well received by the grieving family. If the deceased person was very close to you, you might have an idea of his or her favorite color, personality, lifestyle, interest, legacy and can incorporate into the arrangement. For example, if the deceased was a musician, you may ask the florist to make a tribute in the shape of guitar.

Color of flowers
Remember that you don't need to know everything about plants or sympathy flower arrangements, all are appropriate to convey your condolence. Common types of funeral flowers used are Lilies, Roses, Gladiolas and Carnations but there is a very large selection of other flowers Lilygrass carries that will show the family you care.  Color of arrangements can vary from seasons or favorite color. For example, a summer color scheme is bright pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, and greens.

Religious Considerations
While choosing flowers for funeral you might keep in mind the religious considerations of the deceased. While many religions appreciate the presence of flowers at funeral, there are a few religions who do not accept flowers at memorial services or in the santuary. The florsit can always call the funeral home or church for you and ask.

Age and type of arrangement
Age is also considered as an important factor while selecting flowers for funerals. While a funeral for an older person generally requires traditional flower arrangements like sympathy baskets or easel spray stands, you can consider flowers in form of cartoons or super hero logo for the funeral of a kid.

Whether you are looking for funeral flowers for the memorial service or for the family at the home, Lilygrass flowers and decor can make a flower arrangement or green/blooming plant within your budget. Give all the information related to the deceased, the funeral day, time and location. We can help you to pick the right design to express your sympathy.


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