Guide to Funeral Flowers

Guide to Funeral Flowers

Grieving families are faced with many decisions related to their loved one’s funeral. One of those decisions is the flower or plant arrangements they might want at the service or viewing. 

Flowers can help create special memories with memorial ribbons or other additions. Many people end up drying flowers after the funeral and placing them alongside photos and other cherished memories in scrapbooks. There are also options to have flowers made into jewelry for a long-lasting keepsake. Family members or friends often take home plants and keep them for years.

When it comes to choosing flowers to celebrate the beautiful life of your loved one, consider going through photos and memories to find the flowers or colors they loved the most. Often when we think of someone we love, we can also intuitively think of flower types that remind us of them: sunflowers for big, optimistic, extroverted personalities; daisies for sweet, more introverted dispositions; or orchids and other tropical flowers for those who are unique and intriguing.

There’s also the option to include photos and special mementos, such as plush animals, jewelry, school tassels, hobby, etc., in the arrangements. Our team of floral designers can help you incorporate almost any item and/or photo into the funeral arrangement for your loved one.

There are several different types of floral arrangements to consider when planning funeral flowers, most of which are referred to as "sprays" due to the height or spread of the flowers. 


  • Basket sprays include a wide range of sizes and types of baskets or containers that "hold water" and can be placed on the ground or on an elevated surface.
  • Easel sprays include the flowers designed on a cage that "does not hold water" and hooks to a stand that helps add extra height to these funeral flowers.
  • Casket sprays are designed to sit on top of the casket, whether it is partially open or fully closed and "does not hold water". Immediate family members usually order the casket piece. This is one of the most common arrangements that family members will pull flowers from as a keepsake after the funeral.
  • Urn sprays are designed to fit around or behind the urn containing a loved one’s cremated remains that "holds water".
  • Vase sprays are floral arrangements that include a standard glass vase or a keepsake vase that "holds water", that are common for family members to take home from the service.
  • Special easel shapes include hearts, crosses, wreaths, and much more that "does not hold water". If you have an idea for a shaped floral arrangement, let our designers know.

Sprays that hold water can be delivered for viewings the day before. Sprays that do not hold water are usually sent the day of the service.

Each order we create is customized and unique to the person being memorialized. Because of the nature, seasonality, and regional availability of flowers and containers, Lilygrass may need to make substitutions at times, but we make every effort to maintain the look and feel of the arrangement to honor your loved one.

Sometimes flowers are part of a package from the funeral home, and other times families come directly to Lilygrass. Whatever the circumstance, our team is here to assist your family as you go through this difficult time.

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