Great gift ideas for your boss

Great gift ideas for your boss

Every year in October, there’s a special day to celebrate our bosses. Of course, you can choose any other day of the year to say thank you to a great boss as well. Here are a few gift ideas to consider for your boss.

Snack and gift baskets

Snack and gift baskets are a great gift for the office! If you know your boss’s favorite candy, soda, or other snacks, we can customize a gift basket with all of their favorite things and tie it with a ribbon of their favorite color. If your boss is a healthy eater, we can customize a gift basket of fruit, nuts, and other healthy snacks.

Flowers or balloons

Personally, we think you can’t go wrong with flowers or balloons! We can customize a floral arrangement to fit your budget and your boss’s favorite flowers, colors or just a beautiful summer or fall arrangement. We also have potted plants and a wide range of mylar balloons in various colors and sayings. Or, if you want to really have fun, order a bunch of latex balloons to fill the floor of your boss’s office!

Coffee or tea with a unique mug

If your boss is a coffee or tea drinker, we have lots of unique mugs in our shop, including ones that feature animals, fun sayings, and flowers (of course). Plus we have a wide selection of tea mixes to choose from to go along with the mug.

Desktop trinkets or wall decor

From funny wooden desk signs to inspirational wall hangings, we have plenty of gift items to fit any personality. We also have a wide range of glass gift items, handmade wooden boxes, handmade cards, and naked bee lotions. We can even help you create a small gift basket of items chosen from our shop!

If you’re thinking about gifts for boss’s day, come by our shop to browse the many options we offer. Or give us a call to place a floral, balloon, or gift order for delivery or pick up.

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