Gifts for teachers

Gifts for teachers

The school year is coming to a close, and that means many students will be taking teacher gifts to school in the coming weeks. If you’re undecided about what type of gift to give, try one of these ideas.  

Gift cards plus something personal

Gift cards are a common stand-by for teacher gifts and many other gift-giving occasions. They’re easy to buy, easy to transport, and easy for the recipient to spend on something they enjoy.

Take a gift card up a notch by pairing it with something more personal, such as a coffee shop gift card plus a cute mug in the teacher’s favorite color. Here at Lilygrass, we support shopping local as much as possible, so we encourage you to look for gift cards to local stores and coffee shops.

Themed gift basket

Gift baskets are a great way to express your thanks to your favorite teacher! You can ask around to find out the teacher’s favorite candy, favorite drink, and favorite color and customize it from there and a gift basket doesn't have to be a basket—a fun mug filled with coffee or tea makes a great gift, too. Be sure to include a special note or drawing from your child to the teacher.

Low-maintenance potted plants

A potted plant in a ceramic planter can add some colorful cheer to the classroom or the teacher’s home. You can even get creative with your gift message thanking the teacher for helping your child grow this year! Succulent dish gardens are another option for low-maintenance plants.

Handmade gifts from your child

Teachers love receiving something your child made for them, whether it’s a special card or a small craft project. Ask your child what they think their teacher would enjoy receiving and let their creativity take it from there.

The Lilygrass flowers and décor gift shop has a wide range of gift items available for the teachers in your life. Drop by today to browse our selection.

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