Gift ideas for spring

Gift ideas for spring

With the bone chilling winds of winter coming to an end soon (we hope), our thoughts turn to the bright and cheery colors of spring. For centuries, the spring season has been accompanied by celebrations of renewal and hope. Vivid spring hues are a wonderful way to bring life to any environment, no matter how dull.

Let’s talk about a few fun ways to incorporate them this season.

A little infusion of virtual sunshine makes even the gloomiest room seem a little brighter. If your office space is small, try little things like changing your desktop screensaver to a field of wild sunflowers. Then pick up a little vase of the real thing at Lilygrass Flowers and Decor to bring a smile to your face throughout the day while you work. (Who says you can’t buy flowers for yourself?!)

Want something more permanent? Check out the wall hangings and decor in our gift shop. How about some inspirational crosses with bright floral centerpieces for your dining room table or credenza? We also have faceted crystals featuring hummingbirds, crosses, and other shapes that can easily hang from a ceiling, window, or car mirror. They reflect beautiful rainbows all around the room when the light hits them.

If your office area is looking a little drab, try some of our festive vases with an artificial arrangement or fresh flowers. These would look great alongside one of our cute and fun mugs. Or, if you need something that adds a little color without taking up too much space, try some succulents in a sweet and simple container.

Whatever your taste, our shop is sure to have something beautiful to brighten up your space. Visit us today to check out our extensive selection of flowers, decorative items and gifts or browse through just a hint of the items we carry at!

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