Fun gift ideas for fall

Fun gift ideas for fall

Need a great gift for a fall birthday, volunteer appreciation, or "just because" gift for a friend? Here are a few great ideas for fall gifts!

Warm up with a cozy mug and some tea

As the days turn colder, a custom gift basket with a beautiful mug and an assortment of delicious teas makes a great gift. We can even add some fudge for an added touch of yum! We have a wide range of tea flavors available in our shop, plus many beautiful mugs.

Send comfort with a beautiful hanky

Whether comforting someone after a loss or an illness, a beautiful handkerchief paired with a cross or angel gift is a great option. A cloth hanky is much kinder to the nose than standard tissues, plus it’s reusable and is sure to bring a smile to a friend’s face.

Wrap their hands or feet in moisture

Dry fall and winter air is hard on hands, feet, and lips! We have wonderful personal care products from The Naked Bee, including travel size lotions and natural tinted lip balms. These great products can keep your hands soft throughout the winter months. And, we have some fun socks in the shop to help lock that moisture in as well.

Indulge in a snack basket

Sometimes, you just need some comfort food. We can customize a snack basket to fit your budget and include the recipient’s favorite candy, chips, sodas, and more. We can even add candy or snacks to a floral bouquet! If you’re trying to stay healthy, we can customize a fruit basket instead.

Come visit our shop today to see the wide range of gift options we offer! We can help you create the perfect gift basket or choose the perfect gift for any occasion.

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