Fresh floral wreaths

Fresh floral wreaths

Wreaths are a beautiful way to celebrate the warm air and bright sunshine of spring, but they’re also a wonderful touch any time of year. Majority of the wreaths, decorating doors and entryways, are made from artificial flowers, but there are many ways to create and display beautiful fresh floral wreaths!

Choosing a wreath base
There are multiple options for bases to weave floral stems into to create a wreath. From natural twig wreath to plastic or foam forms, the type of basis is determined by how you’re going to use the wreath and how long you want it to last. Obviously, fresh flowers need water, so a wet foam base that can be watered will result in a longer-lasting wreath.

Picking flowers for your wreath
Start with hardy flowers that can easily be cut fairly short and have a strong stem so that they can be worked into the wreath more easily. Native wildflowers, lavender, and eucalyptus would make a stunning wreath for any front door.

It’s best to leave the stems long initially and trim them after they’ve been worked into the wreath so that you don’t end up with wasted flowers due to       too-short stems.

Extending the life of your wreath
Fresh flower wreaths last an average of three to four days and can be soaked in a couple of inches of water each day for about an hour to prolong freshness. Spraying them with hairspray or a floral spray product help them maintain their integrity.

After enjoying your beautiful fresh flower wreath, consider drying the flowers to preserve your wreath and create a unique and lasting decoration. Some of the best flowers to use for preservation later are wild garden flowers like gomphrena, cockscomb, statice, thistle, and Victoria blue salvia. Drying methods vary depending on the hardiness of the plant.

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