Flower Spotlight: Zinnia

Flower Spotlight: Zinnia

Zinnias are a fascinating sunflower variety within the daisy family. Native to scrubby grasslands in Mexico, South America, and the southwestern United States, zinnias get their name from Johann Gottfried Zinn, who was a German Master Botanist.

These annual blooms are grown in either mounding shrub or upright stem form. The plants range in height from 4" to 40" tall, and the leaves are usually linear or ovate in shape. They can feature a single row of petals or a dome shape and come in white, yellow, red, orange, and purple.

Not only do they grow in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and colors, but they also attract hummingbirds and defend against whiteflies. They were even used in an International Space Station experiment that demonstrated their ability to blossom and grow in a weightless environment.

Because of their variety and hardiness, zinnias have become a popular garden bloom. They thrive in full sun and hotter climates, and they’re fairly easy to grow from seeds as long as they’re given plenty of fertilizer and placed in well-drained soil. They can also reseed themselves year after year.

Zinnias make a wonderful potted plant gift that could be re-potted or replanted in a full sun garden space. They also look beautiful as fresh cut flower in a summer floral bouquet and can survive two weeks or more in a vase. Their blooms add long-lasting, beautiful color in cut bouquets.

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Not sure what to pick? Start with zinnias! With their vibrant colors, you can never go wrong.  Zinnia Picture Provided by

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