Flower spotlight: wax flower

Flower spotlight: wax flower

Despite their name, the filler wax flower is not anything like those annoying little drips that get stuck to the counter when your candle melts just a little too much. Wax flowers are commonly used as floral fillers due to their petite size, but they can be visually impactful all on their own as well. Ranging in color from white, ivory, orange, yellow, light and dark pinks, purples, and reds, and even bicolor, these tiny blooms pack a punch and look great in almost anything!

Discovered in 1819 by French botanist René Louiche Desfontaines, wax flowers are a rarity in the floral world because of their late winter to early spring bloom time. With five delicate petals gracing each head, they can withstand harsh conditions like drought and even heavy frost.

Wax flowers can be used in so many ways… bunched in vases, baskets, tins, or drinking glasses and woven into floral crowns or braided straight into hair. They symbolize long-lasting love and wealth and can transition easily between rustic or traditional wedding themes, depending on the surrounding decor. The possibilities are endless! It is easy to see why so many brides favor them, especially for fall and late winter weddings.

Originating in Western Australia, the lemony scent and hardy nature of wax flowers make them a floral designer favorite. Gardeners also flock to them because they are easy to grow and low maintenance. They can last up to three weeks when cut and are easy to manipulate for weaving and designing. They may look delicate, but wax flowers are strong and durable.

Budget conscious brides love them and so should you! These filler flowers are a fantastic replacement for more expensive (and more delicate) blooms like hypericum, boronia berries, astilbe and baby's breath to name a few. They will stay fresh longer and look great on their own or with other blooms.

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