Flower spotlight: Succulents

Flower spotlight: Succulents

Need a 15% boost is productivity and concentration? We could all use that, right??

Scientific studies show that house plants do just that, along with boosting moods and reducing stress levels. Plants are happiness! They bring some much-needed cheer into our lives during challenging times or add extra happiness to an otherwise regular day.


Now is a great time to spread joy through sharing plants, and succulents have become some of the most popular house plants over the past few years. Whether a single succulent in a cute pot or a collection of succulents in a dish garden, these sweet little plants come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

They store water in their stems and leaves, which gives them a puffed appearance when they’re watered properly; flat stems usually mean it needs to be watered more regularly. These plants are used to arid climates and do best in full sun. Most can’t handle extreme cold, so they work much better as friendly little house plants rather than year-round garden fillers.

Succulents like aloe are not only unique and beautiful but incredibly useful. The liquid in aloe stems can be squeezed out and used to help heal and take the sting out of minor burns. Aloe is one of the best plants to brighten up a kitchen since it not only looks great but also comes in handy for any kitchen burns.

These drought-resistant, ornamental plants require minimal care and propagate very easily. When the plant dies aboveground, they can sustain themselves much longer than normal plants because they have what’s called storage organs. These organs will sustain the succulent through unfavorable periods. A single leaf or stem can also be plucked off and planted to grow an entirely new succulent. When properly cared for, many succulents will produce beautiful, long-lasting blooms as well.

Being one of the hardiest and most versatile plants in our shop, succulents can thrive in almost any container and look stunning as single plants or when grouped together. Send a bright, happy succulent arrangement to someone today to give them an extra boost.


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