Flower spotlight: Snapdragons

Flower spotlight: Snapdragons

Antirrhinum are commonly known as snapdragons or dragon flowers because they resemble the head of a dragon opening and closing its mouth when squeezed from the sides. That’s a fun way for a flower to get its name, right?

They’re native to the United States, North Africa, and the rocky terrains in Europe. There are two distinct species of this unique flower, the garden snapdragon and the lilac snapdragon, though neither can breathe fire as far as we know.

Ranging in height from six to 48 inches, this annual thrives in cold weather and well-drained soil when grown outdoors. Snapdragons are as functional as they are pretty. They can be grown from seeds fairly easily and require minimal care. As long as they have enough sun and properly draining soil, they can be grown indoors or out.

Snapdragons symbolize grace and strength, though they are also said to symbolize deception. In the wild, snapdragons can often be found growing among rocks and stones, hence their symbolism of strength. They stand tall and straight up toward the sky, which is where grace comes into play.

Their distinct two-lipped blooms come mostly in white, yellow, or pink, although they can produce a range of shades from bold to pastel. In cut floral bouquets, they add height to an arrangement as well as beautiful color. They’re often used in funeral sprays for their height, but they can be used in any cut floral arrangement for a fun pop of color. Cut stems typically last one to two weeks.

Edible oils can be extracted from snapdragon seeds, and they can also be used to make a green dye. The leaves and flowers are used in other areas of the world for medicinal purposes due to the anti-inflammatory properties. They are also non-toxic to pets.

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