Flower spotlight: Salvia

Flower spotlight: Salvia

Salvia, also commonly known as sage, features long stems and robust blooms that work wonderfully in a variety of arrangements. It comes in many colors, including blue, purple, red, and white. The origins of this hardy perennial herb are unknown, but it grows mainly in Central and South America, Central and Eastern Asia, and the Mediterranean. Because salvia represents wisdom, health, and healing, it’s frequently used in spring and Easter arrangements, as well as weddings.

Because of the stem length, blooms, and colors, salvia works well in many different uses for event floral arrangements. Tall, elegant bouquets at weddings and business events will often feature or use blue salvia as accents in their larger, bolder arrangements because of their long stalk and numerous blooms. The stems can also be cut shorter to accommodate standard or short bouquets and vases.

When choosing the best color combinations to go with your blue or purple salvia, try red, yellow, white, and possibly even pink or orange. It’s best to steer clear of blooms that are too similar in color, such as other blooms in the blue or purple family.

Salvia usually works best as a focal point in vertical arrangements paired with two or three other floral varieties, such as roses, tulips, or asters, depending on the occasion. As a general rule, the width of a bouquet should be less than the height, so it’s important to balance your blooms appropriately in whatever space you’re working with.

Because of their height, salvia stems may need to be supported in the vase using glass marbles, small rocks, or beads to support the lower portion of the stem. If the arrangement is full and fills the container completely, the supports may not be needed, although they do add a nice aesthetic touch to a translucent container.

Talk to the experts at Lilygrass flowers and decor about planning the perfect arrangements for your next business or private event. Don’t forget salvia for a nice pop of color!

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