Flower spotlight: peonies

 Flower spotlight: peonies

With April showers come peony flowers! Peonies bloom from April through June and are a long-time favorite of spring and early summer brides. Symbolizing prosperity, good luck, love, and honor, peonies are popular gifts of love and markers of prosperous beginnings that line chapel halls around the world.

Commonly seen in varying shades of pink, these big and bold blooms also come in purple, red, yellow, and white. There are 33 known species for these pretty perennials, and despite their relatively short blooming season, they make a big impact in gardens. The bold, rounded bloom of the peony is best paired with spiked bloomers, such as false indigo, foxglove, bellflower, delphinium, and lupine in cut flower arrangements.

The “Sarah Bernhardt” is by far the most popular of the flower’s many species on the floral market, with over 20 million stems sold per year. The Netherlands provides the majority of peonies, though Alaska leads the peony market in mid to late summer due to its long hours of sunlight. Alaska’s growing conditions create availability when other sources have been depleted.

Peonies became widely popular in ancient China for medicinal purposes and as a flavor additive to food. Even Confucius was a fan of the flower’s flavor, saying “I eat nothing without its sauce. I enjoy it very much, because of its flavor.” They also gained notoriety for their regular appearance in imperial gardens. The Chinese cities of Luoyang and He Ze hold annual peony exhibitions and maintain state-funded research facilities for peonies to this day.

Called the “King of Flowers” in Japan, peonies have graced table centerpieces, event entrances, and bridal bouquets for decades. We suspect they’ll remain popular for ages to come.

If you’re looking for an extra special touch in your next floral bouquet, maybe peonies are just what you’ve been looking for! Call us or drop by the shop to chat with one of our talented floral designers about your floral arrangement.

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