Flower spotlight: Peace Lily Plant

Flower spotlight: Peace Lily Plant

Peace lily Plant might initially make you think of hospital rooms and funerals, but these lovely indoor house plant with white blooms actually hold a special place in history as symbols of purity and innocence. Also sometimes called "Spathiphyllum" or “Spath,” the peace lily has been around for centuries and have been linked to feelings of peace and calm since ancient times. They even derive their name from “pax,” which is the Latin word for peace.

Peace lilies are used in many cultures around the world to represent inner peace, wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. There is even a legend about these blooms stemming back to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The legend says that if a leaf is cut from the peace lily, it will grow back within 24 hours.

Aside from their historical and religious significance, peace lilies have been one of the most popular indoor plants since the 1800s. Not only are they easy to maintain, but they can also survive in a variety of climates and lighting. Peace lilies can handle low-light areas, though you may not get as many blooms because they prefer about 12 hours of filtered sunlight. If your lily isn’t blooming, try placing it near (but not directly in front of) a window.

For outdoor decoration, peace lilies prefer temperate climates. If you happen to live in the rainforest, you can leave them outside all year! Otherwise, just bring your plant inside when a chill hits the air, and it can survive year-round. Don’t let your plant get exposed to too much sun or cold, as this will cause the leaves to shrivel and turn brown. The plant might not die, but it won’t be very healthy or pretty.

Overall, peace lilies are easy to maintain and make beautiful décor accents when under the proper care. They might even bring a little peace and good fortune into your life as well!


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