Flower spotlight: Peace lily Plant

Flower spotlight: Peace lily Plant

Peace lily plants are a common "flowering" green plant chosen for sympathy occasions, including illness and funerals, and are also used frequently in the spring to signify new life. They’re long lasting and very easy to care for, and they offer simple but stunning beauty of delicate white blooms among deep green foliage.

The peace lily is a tropical evergreen plant that grows in rainforests. Standard plants can grow up to 40 inches tall, while some varieties can even reach 50 inches tall. Their white blooms, which are actually a modified leaf called a bract, typically appear in the spring, though some peace lilies may bloom in both spring and fall. Some histories of the peace lily suggest the name came from the fact that the small white blooms resemble flags of peace rising above the ground.

They are not "fresh cut flower" lilies and only come in plant form. Also known as the name Spathiphyllum, They are a member of the Araceae family. Calla lilies are also in that same family.  Their blooms look somewhat similar in shape to the peace lily but they do come in plant and fresh cut flower forms. All parts of the peace lily contain calcium oxalate, which can cause stomach and respiratory issues if ingested by pets or children, so be sure to keep them out of reach or avoid them entirely in homes with pets or kids.

Peace lily plants prefer partial shade and also do well in fluorescent lighting. They are easy to care for because they let you know when they are thirty.  The leaves will droop when it needs water, but watering once a week is generally sufficient to keep the soil evenly moist but not wet. Avoid over-watering and keep the plant away from any hot or cold drafts in your home to help it thrive.

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