Flower spotlight: misty, a versatile filler flower

Flower spotlight: misty, a versatile filler flower

Have you ever watched a movie and intentionally focused on the people in the background instead of the main actors during a major scene? It is so fascinating to see their expressions and reactions that most people never really notice. But think about how different those scenes would look without those extras to complete it? 

It can be interesting to focus on the smaller parts of something because the smaller parts are what help complete the big picture.

The same can be said of floral arrangements. The big, bold flowers are often the ones that get noticed, but it is the filler stems that help make it look full and complete.

Misty is a great example of a filler flower that completes the look. These pretty, delicate blooms help make bouquets, arrangements, and floral accents absolutely perfect. Misty is surprisingly hardy and was even used as an herbal remedy in the 17th century to treat dysentery. With slender, reed-like stems topped with tiny petal clusters that almost look like paper, these drought-tolerant blooms can go without water much longer than their popular counterparts.

In the family of statice, the misty filler flower has accumulated several nicknames over the years, such as marsh rosemary, sea foam, and sea lavender. Their petals range in color from white to various bluish purples and solid purples. While they always look beautiful as an accent in freshly cut bouquets, they are also used frequently in dried arrangements and decor.  As an herb, they maintain their beauty and structure for a long time when properly dried and preserved.

Regardless of what you are using it for, misty is a wonderful filler and accent flower in fresh or dried bouquets of any size, corsages, boutonnieres, and even decor like wreaths and mantle arrangements. Misty works well in craft projects like flower crowns, bracelets, scrapbooking, and even resin making, too.

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