Flower spotlight: holly

Flower spotlight: holly

When it comes to Christmas flowers, holly leaves and holly berries are one of the classic and iconic choices.

The leaves and berries of holly get the most attention, as they’re featured on Christmas cards, used for décor, and included in floral arrangements. But the flowers are impressive as well when in full bloom.

When it comes to symbolism, the holly bush is tied closely to Christianity. The pointed leaves represent the crown of thorns, the green leaves represent eternal life, and the red berries stand for the blood of Christ. When fully opened, the holly flower is shaped like a cross.

While the rich green leaves and bright red berries are tied to Christmas, the flowers of the holly bush typically bloom white in May and June.  As with many flowering bushes, the blossoms are so heavy that it’s hard to distinguish them as individual small blossoms unless looking at the plant up close.

Historically, people planted holly bushes outside their home as a means of protection. As an outdoor plant, evergreen varieties of holly offer a rich green color even throughout the winter months. When the berries on a holly bush are heavy, it’s said to predict a harsh winter ahead, and birds will seek out the berries as a food source.

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