Flower spotlight: gladiolus

Flower spotlight: gladiolus

A member of the iris family, gladiolus is a perennial that originated in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Sometimes referred to as the sword lily, this unique flower grows straight and tall and doesn't branch out. Up to nine flowers appear on each stem with each individual flower contained within a sheath that makes them appear sword-like.

With about 300 different species worldwide, these beautiful flowers vary in color from pink, red, and purple to white and even brown and green.

Gladioli (commonly called “glads”) are very pretty and can last up to a week and a half in arrangements, although they are temperamental in certain climates. They add wonderful height to arrangements and work particularly well in spray arrangements designed to sit flat against a wall, such as for weddings and funerals. Gladiolus is the official birth month flower for August and the 40th anniversary flower, so they make a great choice to use for either occasion.

Because the stem is tall and bare around each sprouting flower, they’re often paired with short and bushy flowers to fill out the arrangement. They can be used in an arrangement on their own depending on the container opening size. It might require quite a few stalks to make the arrangement look full.

Gladiolus is also a popular flower for home gardens because of the wide range of colors available and their ability to grow up to three feet tall.

Inside or out, they make a beautiful addition to any garden or arrangement. Their long, elegant stems and delicate flowers make a nice statement at formal events and, because there are so many color varieties, they offer a wide range of options.

If you want to make a statement, gladiolus might just be the flower you’re looking for. It is best to pre-order the gladioli in advance for the flowers will be open for the event.  Come visit our store to put together the perfect floral package for your upcoming event or special occasion.

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