Flower spotlight: carnations

Flower spotlight: carnations

Carnations are an extremely versatile flower when it comes to flower arrangements. Available in a wide variety of colors, they’re a great base flower that can add fullness to any arrangement without adding a lot of cost.


The history of carnations and how they got their name has been long debated, and there’s really no clear answer. Some say the name comes from the Latin word carnis, which means flesh, because the original varieties of carnations were pink in color. Others say the name comes from coronation because the flowers were often used in Greek flower crowns.


Regardless of how they got their name, they’re the second most popular flower after roses. In some countries, carnations are brewed into a tea to reduce stress and restore energy. The oil from carnations can also be used in beauty products.


Carnations symbolize love and fascination, and they are the traditional flower for a first wedding anniversary. When it comes to gifting carnations, the color choice can make a statement:


  • White carnations symbolize purity and luck.
  • Dark red carnations evoke affection and love.
  • Light red carnations stand for admiration.
  • Light pink carnations are for motherly love and gratitude.
  • Yellow carnations mean disappointment or rejection.


Now, if the person you’re sending flowers to really loves the color yellow and you want to include carnations in a bouquet, we say go for it regardless of what the color symbolism might mean.


Carnations mix well with many other flowers, including roses, lilies, daisies, and baby’s breath. They can be used in a mixed bouquet of similar hues or used to add contrast to a colorful bouquet. They’re so versatile!


Carnations are a great choice for Mother’s Day, new babies, early romance, and much more. And don’t forget you can do a little science experiment at home to tint white carnations different colors. A great choice for kids wanting to give mom a sweet gift!

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