Flower and gift ideas to celebrate a new child

Flower and gift ideas to celebrate a new child

When someone you know is welcoming a new child, whether through birth or through adoption, it’s a great time to send best wishes with flowers or a small gift.

Try one of these ideas to help them celebrate.


Find out about colors

Ask the parents in advance if they have a theme or specific color picked out for the nursery or if there are particular colors they’re trying to avoid. While some people may love pink, others could have quite an aversion to it, so try to stay within color schemes the parents will appreciate. Another option is to review their baby registry online to get an idea of colors they plan to use. A neutral color like yellow or white is always a great option as well.


Choose a special vase for flowers

Flowers are a great option for sending to the hospital or to the family’s home. Consider choosing a special vase, perhaps one that matches their nursery theme, to hold the flowers. Then even when the cut flowers have faded the family has a lasting gift to use again and again.


Send snacks and fruit

If you’re in the same city as the new parents, a home-cooked meal is always a welcome gift. But if you live elsewhere or are simply short on time, you can still help the new parents fuel up by sending a snack and fruit basket. Customize it with their favorite snacks, sodas, or fruit and add a stuffed animal for the baby.


Pick a gift to touch the heart

If you want to send something a bit more sentimental, consider a Willow Tree figurine, a birthstone angel, or a special sign for the wall of the nursery. We have lots of options in our gift shop, so come browse the store to find that special gift.

Whatever gift you give, as long as it’s thoughtful and from the heart, it will be appreciated. Just remember to dress it up with fun and bright colors or some flowers. It’s a celebration of life, and putting together a beautifully packaged gift is half the fun!

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