Fall Wreaths and Pumpkin Arrangements

Happy fall y'all, Lilygrass fans!

We love creating and designing beautiful arrangements, but we’d like to highlight that we can also craft some other types of very unique pieces, too – wreaths and pumpkin vases!

First, we’d like to make special note of our fall wreaths! Don’t miss out on a chance to show off your spooky spunk! Bring in one of your favorite Halloween decorations, and we can design an entire wreath around it! You have some broken skeletons in your closet? Bring those pieces in! We can stick them in a one-of-a-kind decorative item for your front door that’s sure to impress all of your tiny trick-or-treaters! Saw a picture of a neat idea on Pinterest? We can make it happen! Don’t be afraid to be bold this fall. Let Lilygrass help!


However, if you’d rather have a more traditional and inviting piece, we can do that, too! Maybe you’ve found an adorable turkey you’d like to showcase? Lilygrass will make you something you will truly be grateful for!


If a front door wreath isn’t quite your style, then fear not! Right now pumpkin “vases” are taking the floral industry by storm! Just like with the wreaths, we have two options with a pumpkin vase – a more traditional version or a more Halloween one! If you’d like to give your little ghouls and gals a scream, opt for the spooky choice! Get on down to your pumpkin patch, pick your favorite one and then bring it into the shop! We can stuff that gourd full of the biggest and brightest blooms that we’ve got! It will be a garish display of Halloween that’s sure to delight! 


However, if you’re not looking for a novelty centerpiece for a costume party, Lilygrass has you covered! We would also be honored to create a fall-themed pumpkin arrangement for you! We can pick a pumpkin for you, or you can bring in your favorite one. Then we will put the biggest Harvest blooms in that pumpkin to dazzle all who see it! If you’d like some burlap accents, we can absolutely tie it all together with that, too. If you have a favorite fall item you’d like us to include, we can include it! Take a quick look around our shop and see if there’s anything in there you’d like us to incorporate. (We dare you to not find something that you’ll love!)


Whatever your holiday décor needs are, Lilygrass is here to make those dreams become a reality! Stop on by today and bring in those favorite Halloween or fall items! We would love to personalize your decorations for you to enjoy for years to come! Thanks for reading, fans! See you soon!

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