Everyday reasons to give flowers

Everyday reasons to give flowers

Are you looking for a reason to send that special someone a bouquet? How about just because?! There are so many reasons to give a floral gift, and sometimes the most out-of-the-box, unexpected reasons are the most memorable.

There are the traditional holidays of course, such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. Somber occasions such as funerals and illnesses or injury fall into that traditional category as well.

One of the less standard occasions where a beautiful arrangement would be a nice surprise is at baby showers. The gifts at a baby shower will primarily be for the child, but surprising the expectant mother with some flowers just for her will not only brighten her day but the shower as well. Place them anywhere to add some color and a welcoming feel to the room. Once the event is over, the soon-to-be new mother will have something special to take home that is just for her.

Promotions and special accomplishments are the perfect occasion for flowers, too. Think graduation, work promotion, or even something as simple as completing a project at home or learning something new. Receiving something organically beautiful and customized is a great way to show someone you are proud of them and paying attention to the effort they are making.

Sometimes the very best reason to send flowers is for no reason at all. Life is challenging, and some days are extra difficult. Often times, the surprises we receive are the unexpected and bad kind instead of the fun and positive kind. Sending someone a special delivery simply because you were thinking about them is a wonderful and unique way to show your love.

Showcase your love or support today by sending someone special in your life a stunning arrangement from Lilygrass flowers and decor. Call us at (405) 721-1813 to place your order!

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