Event spotlight: OKC Parks Daddy Daughter Dance

Event spotlight: OKC Parks Daddy Daughter Dance

We recently created 32 centerpieces, 330 little girl corsages, and 250 boutonnieres for the dads for the City of Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department’s annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Lilygrass was honored to be the florist selected to provide the flowers for this fantastic event this year!

This is the fifth year that OKC Parks and Recreation has hosted this event, but it’s the first year they added the surprise of including corsages and boutonnieres as part of the ticket price. You can probably imagine the looks of joy on the little girls’ faces when they received their wristlet corsage!

The event took place on Saturday, February 16, with two time slots for the dances at the Meinders Hall of Mirrors at Civic Center Music Hall. We premade the corsages and boutonnieres with white spray roses and used white and iridescent ribbons. Then, as the guests arrived, we had a table set up for the girls to pick out decorations for their corsages with trinkets; examples include feathers, beads, pearls and etc. Once our Lilygrass team added the trinkets to the customized wristlet corsage, we tied the corsage onto the princess's wrist and pinned on the boutonniere to their Daddy.

With the event happening on February 16, we were in full swing with Valentine’s Day orders that week and didn’t start creating corsages and boutonnieres for the event until the day before. Talk about a mad dash to the finish line! Every staff member at Lilygrass, even those who’ve never created a single floral piece, pitched in to help make it happen.  We even recruited a few friends and family members to come help into the wee hours of the morning and some staff never went to bed to make the event a success! It was a lot of hard work in not a lot of time, but it was all worth it to see the precious daughters and their proud dads at the dance with the extra touch of customized corsages and boutonnieres.

In between customizing corsages for the attendees, our staff hit the dance floor for a little fun! Thanks to OKC Parks for inviting Lilygrass to be part of this special event.

If you have an event coming up, we’d love to be a part of it! Give us a call at (405) 721-1813 to discuss your event floral needs. What you envision, we make a reality!

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