DIY- What is it?

Hello again, fans!  With wedding season in full swing this time of year, we thought we’d share some tidbits of wisdom with you – the dangers of DIY! 


Pinterest is a fantastic website that inspires us to create and adventure into realms we thought were previously unobtainable. However, we caution you to be careful. Everyone has their own talents, and most of us wouldn’t take on plumbing issues in a flooded house just to “save” some money. In the end, it would probably end up costing more money to have the professional come in to fix what got messed up while you tried to “fix” the problem.  Our owner likes to say “Leave it to the professionals,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Here’s what we’ve noticed about Do-It-Yourself floral projects:


1. Weddings – Uh oh! Watch out for this “Ultra Danger Zone” of DIY. This one is the Big Lebowski of stress and last-minute-taking-it-to-the-professional-florist-anyway! We don’t like to see our clients frazzled! Lilygrass specializes in having a comfortable and loving environment. Plus, weddings are high-stress events, anyway, and the day of is especially hectic. Brides need to be spending time getting dressed, taking pictures, lavishly soaking up the memories and beauty of the day. However, we’ve seen women run in through our doors at 75 mph, manicures ruined, hair not done, pushing back family picture time, because their wedding was in two hours, and they didn’t know how to do the bouquets and centerpieces! Yikes! We don’t want that to be you! So before you attempt to DIY your wedding, of all the things you could DIY, please, please come in for a stress and obligation free consultation with one of our delightful wedding consultants and expert designers. We would love to help make your day run as smoothly as possible!

2. Misconceptions – Like we’ve said before, everyone has their own special talents. And the boom of the internet, especially Facebook and Pinterest, paint, what can be at times, and unrealistic picture of reality. Every time we go to Target, my husband walks around and thinks to himself, “I can make that.” (I walk around salivating over all of the beautiful trinkets and do-dads I wish I could afford.) However, once we get home, whatever project he’s decided he could do himself doesn’t quite measure up to that Target standard. And that’s after countless hours of drilling, sanding, painting, arguing, crying, and fifteen trips to and from the hardware store. It may seem like flowers are easy to do (You just stick ‘em in a vase, right?), but trust us, there are degrees at universities to do what we do. Don’t let the internet deceive you. I’m sure you could design a lovely arrangement, but don’t be upset if, like my husband’s projects, it doesn’t quite look like the picture.

3. Actual Cost – I would say that 99% of people who undertake DIY projects do so to save money, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – if it actually saves you money. Unfortunately, with any type of project, there is always more to buy than just the thing you think you’re working with. For example, to create a simple bouquet, you’re going to need more than just flowers. You’ll need all of the tools and accessories to go with it, as well. That includes, but isn’t limited to, floral or stem wrap tape, floral wire, a bouquet collar, floral shears ribbon,  bouquet pins, a vase (you have to put it in water in the hours leading up to the event) the flowers (don’t even get me started on the type/color varieties – that’s an entire class in and of itself!), and anything else “extra” you might want to include. All that’s just for a bouquet! Centerpieces are a whole other ballgame. Plus, we have to consider the skill set it takes to use all of those things properly. So, once you buy all of the stuff you’ll actually need, you probably could’ve just gone to Lilygrass, and then not had to store all of that junk at your house afterward, because it’s probably, really, just a one-time use sort of thing. After all that, you’re most likely not saving too much money, and then you have to factor in the time and energy it will take to put together your flowers, and after all that, when you look at your final product, can you say with satisfaction that it’s exactly what you were hoping for? That’s worth something, too. If it’s not, and you end up coming to a florist anyway, then there definitely wasn’t any money-saving happening. Why chance it?

Come to us first! We have everything we’ll need, and we also have a larger variety of colors and accessories for you to choose from. Plus, there is always the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from working our craft for years, which has more value than money can buy.


We know we’re making sweeping generalizations, here. There are plenty capable customers out there who can create and design beautiful things with flowers. And we still absolutely celebrate those of you who want to try your hand at DIY, anyway! Spreading joy is our business, and we always encourage others to do the same. If any of those descriptions apply to your situation, then we do sell loose flowers at any time, as well. So come on in! Lilygrass can help you with any of your floral needs!

Not all DIY projects end in disaster, but if you come to us, we can guarantee that you’ll be over the moon with the finished product! Thanks for reading, fans! We hope to see you soon!

Check out Lilygrass's video about DIY Fresh Flowers


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