Christmas Tree Tips

Oklahoma Christmas Tree Farm

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get on a crisp December night, when you’re curled up warmly and enjoying the smell of the fresh evergreen adorned beautifully with Christmas ornaments and lights. 

Have you ever wondered who started the Christmas Tree tradition? Some sources claim the holiday tradition goes as far back as the Middle Ages! However, the oldest known Christmas Tree Market (farm) can be traced back to an area over the southwestern border of Germany called Rhineland, located in present-day France. Although it started as the sale of plain ole evergreen trees, the first decorated indoor Christmas Tree was recorded in 1605. Would you be surprised to know that the first ornaments and tree decorations were roses, apples, nuts and pretzels?

According to a 2018 study of nearly 95 million American households with Christmas Trees, only 18% responded that they have a fresh tree. Do you still load the family up and head out to the Christmas Tree farm to chop down your own tree? Well then here are some tips to help your tree stay healthy and happy all the way through Christmas! 

The first step in buying the perfect Christmas Tree is to choose a quality tree. The most popular (and reliable) trees are typically balsam, fraser and blue firs; as well as blue and white spruces. These trees are known for having a medium to strong fragrance and strong branches to support decorating. Make sure to always visit a local tree farm to support the farmers and agricultural efforts in your community! 

You’ll want to keep your tree in a cool and covered area with the trunk submerged in water until you are ready to bring it inside. Once the tree is cut, it produces sap that will build up and form a seal over the fresh cut, which prevents the tree from being able to absorb water. If this starts to happen, you can trim the trunk an additional inch to remove any dried sap to ensure your tree can drink!

You will need a fresh-cut tree stand and plenty of space for your Christmas Tree. The most important rule in caring for your real tree is watering it! A fresh-cut tree can and will absorb a gallon or more of water in the first 24 hours and more than a quart every day after that. You always want the trunk stump of your tree to be submerged in at least 2 inches of water. Not only does this keep your tree looking fresher for longer, it also keeps the tree fragrant. You should plan to get your tree about 4 weeks prior to Christmas, however, a well-cared for tree can last up to 5-6 weeks! So maybe you can decorate your Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving after all….

Not sure you’re ready to give fresh trees a try? No problem! We have an assortment of pre-decorated indoor Christmas plants that are sure to compliment the rest of your holiday decor! Come see for yourself and shop at our convenient metro location off Northwest Expressway and Rockwell Ave. Our team will help you find the perfect addition for your upcoming holiday party!


*Remember that fresh trees can be fire hazards if not cared for properly. You never want your Christmas Tree to be too close to a fireplace or other open heat source.*