Charity Spotlight: My Heart’s Appeal

Charity Spotlight: My Heart’s Appeal

My Heart’s Appeal is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Oklahoma City that provides quality training and employment for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities in Liberia, West Africa.

Their services include vocational training for adults and teens, helping teens transition from school to work, and ongoing support for job coaching as they transition to employment opportunities in the community. They also offer a special needs day program for children age 9 months to 13 years old, as well as respite care programs and transportation for clients.

Lilygrass Flower Shop in Liberia

In 2017, Lilygrass flowers and decor sponsored a "Lilygrass flower shop in Liberia" through My Heart’s Appeal. We believe that flowers and gifts have the power to brighten someone’s day anywhere in the world, and sponsoring the shop was a way to help people in need and bless them.

The flower shop is one of many opportunities for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities to receive skilled training and employment. We donated artificial flowers and vases that they use to create arrangements to be rented out for events, which helps make their on-campus employment opportunities self-sustainable. We also donated bookshelves and merchandise that they sell in the shop.

Ways to support My Heart’s Appeal

If you wish to support this organization in the great work they are doing to help those in need, there are several ways you can do so. Their 7th Annual Benefit dinner is coming up on February 7, 2019. Complete event details are available online and you may purchase tickets online as well.

You may also donate directly to My Heart’s Appeal in a variety of ways through their website at

Learn more about My Heart’s Appeal on their website at

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