Bountiful baskets with snacks, candy, or gifts

Bountiful baskets with snacks, candy, or gifts

We all know someone with a sweet tooth. They never turn down a piece of chocolate deliciousness, especially if there’s caramel in the mix. Or maybe they have a love affair with Sweetarts, Smarties, or Skittles.

At Lilygrass, we have a wide variety of candy and gift baskets to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. Whether you’re in the mood to treat yourself or someone else, we can customize a basket for any person or event.

Candy and gift baskets are the perfect fit for friends and family that are tough to buy for. Brighten a friend’s day with a multi-colored polka dot vase overflowing with Push Pops, Airheads, and Ring Pops; then top it off with bright balloons and some curled ribbon. For a more sophisticated look, try a metal container filled with nuts and chocolate and finish it off with a bright floral arrangement.

For the eco-friendly friend, try an oversized mug filled with a mix of their favorite teas. Of course we haven’t forgotten about the coffee lovers in your life. They’ll be sure to love an adorable wooden crate filled with a travel mug, a bag of coffee, and a cute travel bag.

Your more health conscious friends may enjoy a big wicker basket of apples, bananas, and oranges. Or build a Naked Bee basket full of natural products like lip colors, hand and body lotion, and cuticle salve.

No matter the occasion, Lilygrass flowers and decor is happy to build a snack, candy, fruit, or gift basket that’s perfect for any occasion. Come in and see us at our convenient location on Northwest Expressway and Rockwell, or check out the
wide range of ideas on our website.

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