Beautiful greenery options for floral bouquets

Beautiful greenery options for floral bouquets

Nearly every bouquet of cut flowers needs some greenery to help fill it out and provide a solid base from which the colorful flowers can pop. And some budget-friendly bouquets are heavy on greenery with only a few flowers to add some colorful cheer.

Here are a few of the common greenery options used in cut flower bouquets:


There are several types of eucalyptus used in floral arrangements, including seeded, silver dollar, and baby blue. Seeded eucalyptus has green leaves and small green seedpods that add texture and depth to any arrangement. Silver dollar eucalyptus has circular leaves about the size of a silver dollar that can have a gray or blue tint to their leaves. Finally, baby blue is a tall stalk with smaller horizontal leaves that range in color from blue to rich green.


Myrtle is an extremely common greenery for arrangements because of its long stems and glossy leaves. It can be used in many ways, including as tall stalks in sprays for funerals or weddings, to add thickness to vase arrangements, and in wreaths. Myrtle represents love, which makes it a common choice for wedding bouquets as well.


So many choices when it comes to ferns! Leather leaf fern is a common choice due to its triangular shape that can add fullness and body to an arrangement. It’s also a long-lasting greenery option that can last up to 21 days. Plumosa fern (in the flower arrangement at the top of this post) provides a soft, somewhat wispy textural background for any arrangement. It’s great at adding a touch of green without overpowering the rest of the flowers.

Dusty miller

Dusty miller has a frosted look to its leaves, which makes it a popular choice for winter and holiday arrangements. The gray and white color of the leaves means it pairs well with pastels, such as soft orange or pale purple.

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