Autumn Wedding Themes

Hello fans! This blog is dedicated to any brides or grooms who are thinking about tying the knot in the festive fall months. Here are some unique wedding themes, and the gorgeous flowers that go with them, for autumn!

The first wedding theme we’re going to take a closer look at is the Travel/Adventure theme!


This theme embraces the jetsetters and dreamers who find each other and want to experience all this world has to offer. Look for maps, globes, exotic items from far away lands, airplanes, stamps, compasses, and luggage. The color scheme is often pale colors mixed with lots of neutrals. Definitely choose some white flowers to complement the theme. Some wonderful white options for fall include the obvious - white roses -   if you’re looking for a more traditional stem- mums,  carnations,  and even some breathtaking dahlias  are all good options. If you’d prefer a more statement white flower, head for the delphinium stems  and let them do the work for you! Pair those white beauties with some blue or purple accents, and if you’d really like to carry that theme throughout, ask Lilygrass to create some paper flowers out of maps of your favorite places! It can be of where you met, where you live, where your favorite places to travel are, etc. This theme can show off your fun and brave personality while still feeling sophisticated and elegant. It is sure to impress all your guests! 


Next up is one of my personal favorites – the Halloween costume wedding! 


This, obviously, strays from the more traditional style of wedding, but it is sure to be one your guests remember for years to come! This wedding theme really has no boundaries. If you want spooky, go with spooky. If you’d like a more family friendly event, maybe you suggest a Pirate themed costume wedding or go for your favorite book series, like Harry Potter. Book yourself a great dance hall and blast those fun Halloween tunes! For this theme, it’s important to choose flowers that make the same bold statement as your love! Some good options include gerbera daisies in garish colors (think red or orange),  hyacinth (purple),  orchids (some have very exotic spotted patterns),  or zinnia (these come in green!)  Be sure to tell your floral designer at Lilygrass flowers and decor all about the wedding of your dreams, and don’t be afraid to bring in some pictures! They will work very closely with you to create the most magnificent and memorable Halloween-themed bouquets and centerpieces you’ve ever seen! What a fabulous wedding idea!  ​


Finally, we have a warm and rustic autumn themed wedding!


This wedding theme blends country elements with antique accents to create a truly lovely and natural scene. Have your guests sit on some covered hay bales, perhaps include some wheat elements in surprising places like the boutonnieres or even the cake! The flowers are crucial for tying everything together. You want to stick with a very warm color scheme, so think about flowers like yellow sunflowers,  burgundy carnations,  yellow solidago,  or even deep pink flowers like dahlias.  Include some leaves (in any color) in your centerpieces and bouquets to pay tribute to the season. Pinecones are also a good idea, and if you’re really adventurous, include some fall harvests in all of your displays! Corn, figs, or apples will pair nicely with those flowers we mentioned above. Put it all under a chilly fall moon, add some hot chocolate and comfortable blankets, and you’ve got yourself an autumn wedding! 


Lilygrass flowers and decor wishes you the best in all aspects of your marriage and wedding planning! Come on by today, and our expert floral consultants would love to work closely alongside you to make all of your dreams become a reality! We offer FREE Wedding Consultations!  

Thanks for reading, fans! See you soon!

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