August Holidays

Hello Lilygrass fans! As always, we hope you are happy and healthy! This blog is a heads up for the month of August! We don’t want our customers in the dog house for forgetting any obscure holidays next month! Mark your calendars today!

The entire month of August is Romance Awareness Month! Any day you could do something surprising and romantic for that special someone! You can’t go wrong! Let us help you make someone’s day!


August 1 – Girlfriends Day

Jump right in the festivities on the first day of the month with Girlfriends Day! This one is a no-brainer, gals. Grab your bestie a dazzling bouquet that fits her personality or a small trinket to show her how much you appreciate her and putting up with you.


August 4 – Assistance Dog Day

Lilygrass is well-known to be a lover and advocate for pups, so we would be beyond thrilled to design a surprise gift basket for your furry pal! Stop on by and bring the pooch! We’ll help you hand-craft the perfect little appreciation package for that hard-working hound!


August 4 – Coast Guard Day

Although we don’t have many men and women in Oklahoma who serve the Coast Guard (since we offer them no coasts…) if you know of any of these service people, honor them on this day! Send them a nice Thank You card for their dedication to our country.

August 7 – Sisters’ Day

What a lovely day! We know sisters can be the cause of much pain and grief growing up, but who else can you share your secrets with? Who else can pick you up from heartache? Who else would beat up anybody who tried to make fun of you (without her permission first, of course)? Sisters are special people. Write down a kind message and attach it to a nice arrangement to let this lady know how lucky she is to have you as a sibling.


August 7 – Friendship Day

It’s only fitting that Sisters’ Day and Friendship Day would fall on the same day! Since sisters often double as friends, kill two birds with one bouquet! However, if you don’t happen to have a sister, this holiday is the one for you! Let your friends know how much you love their companionship and laughter. Let Lilygrass flowers and decor help you choose the best gift to represent your friendship!


August 11 – Son and Daughter Day

Parents certainly make every day a son and daughter day by default, providing a home, food, love, and extras for their children all days of the year. But if that’s not the case (or even if it is!) this day is to help parents reconnect with those grown children, especially if they’ve moved out of the house. Maybe cook those kids a down home cooked meal for old times sake. Decorate that huge table full of children and grandchildren with a delightful centerpiece. Send your daughter a “Just Because” arrangement. Gift your son with a basket full of his favorite things. Stop on by the shop today! You’re sure to find the perfect reminder of your love for your children.


August 13 – Middle Child’s Day

Don’t let this day slip on by! The middle children have been overlooked enough in their lifetimes! Send this mediating sibling a nice reminder that you appreciate all their hard work being the go-between for you and your other sibling all your lives. Give those middle kids the recognition they’ve always wanted!


August 19 – World Humanitarian Day

Send a nice plant or basket to your favorite charity! Get out there and spend some time volunteering on this day! Let Lilygrass flowers and decor help you make this world a better place on August 19 and every day!


August 22 – Be an Angel day

This day is all about spreading kindness and love, and who’s more qualified than a flower shop to help you do that? Bring a few flowers to your local Senior Center and watch their faces light up as you spend some time blessing those cherished elders. Listen to their stories! I bet by the end of your day it won’t be very clear who the “angel” was.


August 25 – Kiss and Make Up Day

If you happen to be one of the unlucky among us who is in a lover’s quarrel, we have good news! This day is designed to help you bridge that gap back to Cloud 9. Swallow that pride and get your special someone a small gift to help soften their hard heart toward you. Say sorry with a nice card and bouquet. Send an arrangement to the office. Lilygrass is rooting for you!


August 31 – Love Litigating Lawyers Day

Where would we be without those eloquently spoken lawyers of the world? When you’re in need, lawyers are there to help you out! Send your litigating lawyer some love this month (other than just your money).

Lilygrass is here to help you make your world a little brighter and lighter.

Stop on by the shop and mention this blog for 10% off your total in the month of August!

A discount helps make your life a little brighter and lighter, too! Thanks, fans! We appreciate you!

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