August Birth Flower

Hello again, Lilygrass fanatics! Wow! Summer sure has flown by, hasn’t it? We hope you soaked up those warm rays as much as you could and that happiness continues to follow you throughout the year. We adore the sunshine of these few months, but we are also welcoming the cooler temps! Hats off to another great season!


To celebrate this special time of the year in style, we’re going to give you a little more knowledge on the beautiful birth flowers of the final month of summer - our dear friend, August! (Kudos to all those warrior mommas out there who had to endure being nine months pregnant in such sweltering conditions!) August babies are honored by two blooms that are just as bright as they are – the gladiolas and the poppy! Let’s start with the gorgeous gladiolus!

The gladiolus is a perennial flower (it comes back year after year) that comes in many shades. There are light pink, hot pink, orange, yellow, red, and purple varieties. Some hybrid species even have two colors! They are truly a sight to see!  Its name is derived from Latin where gladius means “sword,” and these beauties sure do remind me of a sword! They are tall with several blooms right on top of each other on each stalk, culminating in a skinny point at the top. Treat your favorite August birthday friend with a striking bouquet of these grand gals! (Bonus points if your friend’s name is Gladys!)


The other August birth flower is a fan-favorite – the bright and fun poppy!


These little flowers have quite the loaded fact history! First, different varieties can be either annual or perennial, which is fascinating. The poppy has also been used to create opium and it has also been used as a medicinal alkaloid like morphine. (Aren’t plants cool?!?) Hungry? Because this plant also has edible seeds! (Don’t worry when you reach for that poppy seed muffin, because the narcotic properties leave the seeds after twenty days.) But that’s not even all! These blooms are now recognized universally as a remembrance flower, ever since the trench warfare that happened in the poppy fields of Flanders during World War I. What a busy little birth flower! Most of us know this special flower by its token cardinal red color with the black “eye” in the center. This red is notable in many myths and legends, symbolizing things such as sleep or eternal sleep (death) or peace. Impress everyone with your knew knowledge about this very important August birth flower!


Stop on by Lilygrass soon to get your August bouquets ordered! We would love to send your summer off in style!

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Thanks for reading! See you soon!

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