Anniversary Flowers: What Should You Give?

Anniversary Flowers: What Should You Give?

Without doubt the most celebrated anniversary of all is the Wedding Anniversary and there's no better way to express your feelings than by giving flowers. Who can fail to be thrilled when they open the door and find a bouquet, blooming plant or green plant complete with a romantic note? Certainly where women are concerned romance is not complete without flowers; but there are so many - how do you choose? One way is to look at the anniversary itself and take inspiration from tradition. Flowers alone are a lovely gift, flowers you've thought about are even better.

Before the 1930's only anniversaries 1, 10, 20, 25, 50, and 70 had a material and flower assigned to them however over the years more have been added, these are the traditional ones that most people are familiar with.

1st - Carnation: Symbol of pride and beauty. Also know as the paper anniversary.

2nd - Lily of the Valley: Symbol of Purity of Heart. Also known as the Cotton anniversary.

3rd - Sunflower: Symbol of pure thoughts and dedicated love. Also known as the Leather anniversary.

4th - Hydrangea: Symbol of heartfelt emotions. Also known as the linen anniversary.

5th - Daisy: Symbol of loyal love and cheerfulness. Also known as the wood anniversary.

6th - Calla Lily: Symbol of magnificence and beauty. Also known as the iron anniversary.

7th - Freesia: symbol of innocence and thoughtfulness. Also known as the copper anniversary.

8th - Lilac: symbol of youthful innocence. Also known as the pottery anniversary.

9th - Bird of Paradise: Symbol of joyfulness and magnificence. Also known as the willow anniversary.


10th - Daffodil: Symbol of new beginnings and eternal life. Also known as the tin

11th - Tulip: Symbol of the declaration of love. Also known as the steel anniversary.

12th - Peony: Symbol of happy marriage and good health. Also known as the silk anniversary.

13th - Chrysanthemum: symbol of fidelity and optimism. Also known as the lace anniversary.

14th - Dahlia: Symbol of dignity and good taste. Also known as the Ivory Anniversary.

15th - Rose. Symbol of love, passion and perfection. Also known as the crystal anniversary.


20th - Aster: Symbol of patience and love of variety. Also known as the China anniversary.

25th - Iris: Symbol of wisdom and valued friendship. Also known as the silver anniversary.

30th - Lily: Symbol of purity and refined beauty. Also known as the pearl anniversary.

40th - Gladiolus: Symbol of strength of character. Also known as the ruby anniversary.

50th - Violet: Symbol of modesty, faithfulness and innocence. Also known as the gold anniversary.