All About Fall Mums

Fall Mums

The weather has started to cool down, the leaves are beginning to change and pumpkin spice is everywhere…

That must mean it’s Fall! Another indication would be the availability of beautiful autumn colored chrysanthemums. Often referred to as the queen of fall flowers, “mums” have a symbolic significance rooted in history. 

The earliest known chrysanthemums were found in 15th-century China and from the start was identified as something that brings cheer and good tidings to those who encountered it. A Chinese proverb says: 

“If you would be happy for a lifetime, grow chrysanthemums.”

Mums have gained popularity rapidly — extending its cultural significance to the western world. As the November birth flower, mums are thought of as the flower of joy, life, luck and friendship. For these reasons, the flowers are often used in times of celebrations; like birthdays, baby showers, graduations and other gift-giving occasions. Mums are thought to bring blessings and good fortune to those who give or receive them. 

Fun fact: chrysanthemums are the official flower of Mother’s Day - affectionately declared because of their nickname “mum”. 

Did you know that the colors of chrysanthemums have different meanings? White mums are looked to as a symbol of honesty, loyalty and purity, while the yellow mum represents good fortune and friendship. Red mums are powerful and denote passion, love and endurance. If you’re looking for a way to express well wishes and vitality, turn to purple and green mums for their vibrancy. 

Now that you’re caught up on the history and symbolism of fall mums, you’re ready to place an order for that special person in your life. Or introduce some positive energy and strength into your home with beautiful mums in your entryway. Come visit us in- store at our convenient metro location on Rockwell and Northwest Expressway and let our highly-qualified floral designers create a gorgeous Fall arrangement for you.