Add an extra touch to your special event with a flower crown

Add an extra touch to your special event with a flower crown

Flower crowns are a great option for adults and children.  They are adorable on flower girls at a wedding and make super fun photos for toddlers or young girls. You can even add some festive fun to a special girls' night out dinner with flower crowns! Or add some flair to a colorful Easter outfit or other special event.

They’re versatile, too, and can be used as a decorative floral ring around a candle or hurricane glass after the wearer takes them off. For the DIYers, they can be dried and hung on the wall as a memorable and unique long-lasting decoration.

With their rise in popularity, flower crowns are becoming a staple at weddings on more than just the flower girls. Brides are using them with their veils and incorporating special themes and memorable jewelry into them. Because of their versatility, they are used in both simple and grand weddings alike.

For the bride that prefers a cleaner, more natural look, a simple weave of greenery and wildflower look works well. For a more dramatic look, choose big, bright, bold flowers with jewels and even feathers. Whether simple or dramatic, flower crowns add a special touch and are a great way to pull the colors and theme of the wedding into the bride’s look.

For years, little girls have been picking wildflowers and braiding them into flower crowns. Now more women are using them for special events as well. Bridal showers, birthday celebrations, girls’ night out, or anniversaries… any special event gets just a little more special and photos really pop when there’s a flower crown involved.

Whatever they are used for, Lilygrass flowers and decor is happy to design the perfect custom flower crown for your special occasion or even just because. Who wouldn’t feel pretty with a crown of beautiful fresh flowers made just for them?