Hello again, friends! We hope your back-to-school transition has gone smoothly! We know those kiddos are excited about all of those beautiful new school supplies and nervous about their new teachers! Remember your good friends here at Lilygrass can help make that month a homerun! Stop on by for a small token of your appreciation and send that sweet baby of yours to school with a bouquet that will surely make their teacher beam. Start the year showing your love and kindness and reap the benefits for nine more months! What kind of teacher wouldn’t have their day made by a School surprise, especially from one of their cute, new kids!?!

Hello again, Lilygrass fanatics! Wow! Summer sure has flown by, hasn’t it? We hope you soaked up those warm rays as much as you could and that happiness continues to follow you throughout the year. We adore the sunshine of these few months, but we are also welcoming the cooler temps! Hats off to another great season!




Good day, Lilygrass fans! Today’s blog captures an incredible event - the Native Traditions Banquet hosted at the Riverwind Casino! This event always pleases, and this year was no different! We pulled out all the stops and delivered a truly spectacular array of displays and designs! We know you’ll love it!

Hello Lilygrass fans! As always, we hope you are happy and healthy! This blog is a heads up for the month of August! We don’t want our customers in the dog house for forgetting any obscure holidays next month! Mark your calendars today!

The entire month of August is Romance Awareness Month! Any day you could do something surprising and romantic for that special someone! You can’t go wrong! Let us help you make someone’s day!


August 1 – Girlfriends Day


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