Hello again, Lilygrass fans! I sure hope you’ve been out and about experiencing this lovely (although not very February-ish) weather! Unfortunately, it is also allergy season! Be sure to stay healthy out there in this crazy Oklahoma wind!


Today’s blog discusses something so very dear to our hearts, baby showers! We know spring has nearly sprung, and that means rebirthing and new life, which is just a fancy way of saying babies!!! Here are some delightfully delicate floral choices for you if you get to be the lucky host of someone’s shower, or if you’re just in the mood to be a lovely friend! (These flowers can also double as gifts for the new mom.)

Wow! What a day, Lilygrass fans!

We sure had a successful and wonderful Valentine’s Day, thanks to all of you! This blog is dedicated to the hard work and preparation that goes into pulling off such a major holiday event.


Hello again, Lilygrass fans! We had the opportunity to attend another bridal show! You know we always have fun at these sorts of things, and this time was no exception! Keep reading for the fabulous details!

Hello, Lilygrass fans!


It’s that time of the year that makes middle schoolers sweat in their seats and married men crumple under pressure – everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday – St. Valentine’s Day!


Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is a stressor for many star-struck lovers out there, but we know that it doesn’t have to be that way at all, especially for our Lilygrass fans!


Hello again, Lilygrass fans!

This is the last installment of our interview series, and it comes from one often overlooked aspect of any business – the driver!

Meet Anna. Give her a wave and smile if you see her out and about on the streets of the metro area in the Lilygrass van!


Q: How long have you been working for Lilygrass?

I’ve been with them for about two years. 


Q: What do you do there?

I deliver orders to recipients, Pick up plants and flowers from our wholesalers and even do errands for the boss :)


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