Hello, Lilygrass fans!

Hello out there, Lilygrass fans! We sure have something extraordinary coming up just for you! With all this new life popping up all around during our lovely spring season, Lilygrass flowers and decor had to keep up with the blooms! You won’t want to miss it!


Hello, Lilygrass fans!

With the lovely spring season now upon us, flowers aren’t the only things that are blooming! Festivals are also in full swing! We love when you come in to our shop and order beautiful happiness from us, but sometimes it’s nice to get out there and see these gorgeous things in nature.

Here is a quick list of some of the best festivals to enjoy springtime in Oklahoma.

Hello, Lilygrass fans!

Happy Spring! We’ve officially indulged in Daylight Savings Time, so let’s get out there and enjoy these longer days!

While you’re out enjoying that sunshine, keep Lilygrass in mind! We’ve got some brand new merchandise in the shop, and you will LOVE it all!

Hello, Lilygrass fans! March 20th officially marked the first day of Spring!  We’re so ready for longer hours of sunshine and plants popping up all around. The redbuds have started blooming, and those Bradford Pears are beautiful. Keep your eyes open to take in all this wonderful beauty that’s springing up all around!

This week’s blog focuses on those spring flowers that are so important for one of nature’s most overlooked helpers – bees.


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