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Hello, fans of Lilygrass!

Even though it’s blisteringly hot outside, this time of year is a favorite amongst flower shop owners – wedding season! Recently we had a wonderful opportunity to design some magnificent bouquets for the Jacobo wedding. It was marvelous!

Let’s start with the best part – the bride’s bouquet! She decided to go with a large hand tied arrangement of very fragrant Stargazer Lilies and they were gorgeous! We coupled those showstoppers with some classic white lilies and tied it all together with tree fern for filler. The blues were complemented nicely by the bride’s Tiffany blue ribbon choice. She was stunning walking down the aisle with that arrangement! Whoever catches that one is sure to be pleased and not only because she’ll be the next one to get married. (Maybe she’ll also choose Lilygrass!)  

A fun fact about why there are flowers at weddings:  There are symbolic relationships attached to flowers (spring, new life, a fresh start, harmony, etc.). Since people have been getting married for centuries, flowers predate themselves back to a time before people bathed on a daily basis. Actually, not so long ago, people would really only take a bath once a YEAR, and that usually happened at the end of winter, around April or May. Some also believed in using spices or herbs in the bouquets to help ward of evil spirits. But the tradition goes even further than that. Brides were thought to be exceptionally lucky on their wedding day, so the guests used to tear pieces of her dress off of her body to keep for themselves as a lucky charm of sorts. As you can imagine, this was not very pleasant for the bride, so that’s how the custom of throwing the garter and the bouquet came into existence.

Now, back to what really matters – the Jacobo wedding! The ceremony took place at the historical St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Norman. The spiritual, open sanctuary was crisp and mesmerizing. The perfect combination for a traditional catholic exchange of vows. The bridal party stood between two gorgeous altar pieces. The 24-inch trumpet vases held those tantalizing Stargazers, enchanting Dendrobium Orchids, with tree fern balancing out all those exotic blooms! We added a finishing touch to the vases with a wraparound Tiffany blue ribbon design to tie all the colors together. I think this wedding would have Tiffany herself saying, “Perfect!”


The lovely bridesmaids were just as elegant as their bouquets made of Stargazers, Blush Roses, Bubble Gum Pink Carnations, Hot Pink Matsumoto Asters, Pink Wax Flower, and tree fern. They were also wrapped in that signature Tiffany blue ribbon. I am loving this color scheme!

The boutonnieres were simple white roses with a burst of a pink carnation – tasteful, yet simple. They also boasted a tiny sample of that Tiffany blue! 

The entire affair was delightful! Lilygrass knows that a wedding day is extremely important and that every detail has to fit into the bride’s perfect idea because you only get one chance! We are dedicated to making the bride’s vision a reality, and we hope that she experienced just that.

We also hope they consider us for some very important anniversaries in the future, as well! Thank you, newlyweds and a wholehearted congratulations from all of us here at Lilygrass!

~~Lilygrass flowers and decor  

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