Valentine’s Day Prep

Hello, Lilygrass fans!


It’s that time of the year that makes middle schoolers sweat in their seats and married men crumple under pressure – everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday – St. Valentine’s Day!


Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is a stressor for many star-struck lovers out there, but we know that it doesn’t have to be that way at all, especially for our Lilygrass fans!


First, let’s do a short history lesson on the holiday:

There are several different myths associated with the holiday, but one of the most popular is that a Roman Emperor named Claudius II outlawed marriages of young men, because he thought they made better soldiers. St. Valentine secretly continued to perform marriages behind the Emperor’s back until one day it caught up to him. One theory states that he was put to death on February the 14th, hence the date of celebration.



Another theory associated with Valentine’s Day centers around another St. Valentine who was imprisoned for an unknown reason. Some speculate that he was jailed for helping Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, but nothing is known for certain. This St. Valentine apparently fell in love while he was imprisoned, perhaps even with his jailer’s daughter. He wrote this woman a love letter and signed it with “From Your Valentine,” which sounds mighty familiar, does it not? He is also said to be executed for his crimes on the day we celebrate our love to honor him, February 14th.



There is also a Roman festival called Lupercalia that celebrates fertility that happened during the ides of February (the 15th). The Romans would perform cleansing rituals and then “bless” the women of Rome, in an attempt to make them more fertile during the coming year. At the end of the day, all of the young women’s names would be put into an urn and drawn by bachelors. This would then start a year-long courtship, which would often end in marriage.



No matter the myth you choose to believe, perhaps there is some truth to all of them. Nonetheless, Lilygrass is here to help you honor the age-old tradition of falling in love.

Whether you fancy yourself a match-maker or a prisoner of  your own love, we’ve got you covered.

Stop on by today to choose one of our beautifully designed bouquets for that special someone. Can’t make it in, feel free to call us! We’d love to speak with you, so we can add that special personalized touch to your gift.  We are taking deliveries or pick ups. 



We wil be here for you on Sunday as well!!

Flowers not your sweetie’s style? Not a problem! We also have hand-selected gifts adorning our shop shelves. Come on by for a quick browse! We bet you won’t be able to find these sorts of gifts just anywhere.

Impress your sweetheart with your new knowledge of Valentine’s Day, but don’t show up with just that! Lilygrass would be honored to help make this special day one of the best yet.


Have a great week, Lilygrass fans! And don’t forget – Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, February 14th, so get your orders in today to ensure that your loved one knows they’re loved.

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