Valentine’s Day Behind-the-Scenes

Wow! What a day, Lilygrass fans!

We sure had a successful and wonderful Valentine’s Day, thanks to all of you! This blog is dedicated to the hard work and preparation that goes into pulling off such a major holiday event.


First, we have to tackle the planning, and that is quite the obstacle! We plan out the specials we’re going to have, right down to what type of flowers we’re going to have in each arrangement. It takes a lot of foresight for things to run smoothly. Unfortunately, on such a large holiday for our industry, it’s difficult to take special orders and extremely personalize anything, so we do our best to make each arrangement as beautiful and elegant as if we had designed it with your loved one specifically in mind. You still get that same Lilygrass quality and care. I guarantee you that no matter what kind of person your special someone is, they would be thrilled to receive a Lilygrass Valentine’s Day special arrangement.


After we plan out all the designs and specials, we then have to get the vases and containers ready. (We order a ton!) The foam needs to be cut and inserted, plus we need to gather all other types of accessories we’ll need for the designs.


After all of that, we take pictures of everything and post them online for people to peruse and choose.


Then, we lay out all of the tools we’ll need and order extra supplies. We look at everything we have and see what’s in good shape or what needs replaced. You can never be too prepared!


Lilygrass gets extra help in the store for the few days leading up to Valentine’s Day. They can answer phones and help people that come into the store. We also rent more vans and hire extra drivers, too. The owner’s husband even takes off work from his full time jobs to come help manage the drivers and deliveries! It takes a village!


Here at Lilygrass, our boss is the best. With all those extra people around working hard and long hours, there is undoubtedly a need for some extra nourishment! She makes sure we have a delicious and nutritious breakfast, so we can start our day off right. Then, she also makes sure to have plenty of drinks and snacks on hand, because it sure is hard work designing at a million miles per hour and talking to all those customers.  Lunch is a must and then on some nights even dinner!  We need alot of food fuel to keep us going. 


We work hard, but we love it! It sure is a lot of fun being your floral designer of choice for those precious moments in your life! Thanks for continuing to choose Lilygrass! We hope to see you again soon!

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