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I would like to pick up where I left off with bridal bouquets. The first blog was about the more traditional bouquet styles. I'd like to show you the unique types of bridal bouquets.

The fan bouquet is literally flowers attached to a lacy, usually plastic fan. The designs often included babies breath, carnations and ribbons. These interesting and unique bouquets were quite popular in the eighties, and they are still used for vintage or Asian inspired weddings. These bouquets can get quite elaborate, but I just love the simple designs. They are graceful and elegant, the perfect addition to any wedding.

The Biedermeier bouquet is regaining popularity because it really makes a statement. The bouquets are comprised of tightly wound "rings" of flowers. Each ring is a different color (and oftentimes a different flower). Fun fact: these bouquets are named after a German style of interior design! I like the orderly look of these bouquets.

Another unique option is the ballerina bouquet. So named because of the tulle surrounding each bouquet, these bouquets became very popular during WWII when flowers were not as readily available. Though these are perfect for a budget conscious bride, as they are incredibly beautiful even with only a few blooms, they can be as elaborate as you'd like.

Another bouquet type is the pomander or kissing ball bouquet. Beginning in the 13th century, pomanders were silver or gold balls filled with perfumes, herbs or oils, thought to ward off sickness or witchcraft. Pomanders are often used for bridal attendants and chair decorations at weddings, though many brides opt to carry a kissing ball.  These bouquets are perfectly round bouquets with ribbon or beaded handles. They can be carried on the bride's arm throughout the ceremony, which is perfect for a small wedding with no attendants. Pomanders make a lovely statement for vintage ceremonies. The attached photo is a Lilygrass design.

In today's world of incredibly creative brides, nearly anything goes when it comes to the bridal bouquet. Many brides are choosing to accent their flowers with unusual elements, or opting for succulents or greenery instead of the traditional flowers. 
Peacock feathers intertwined with your flowers are simply stunning. The blues, purples and golds make for a striking bouquet, fit for royalty.

For the bride who loves a little (or a lot) of bling, a bouquet incorporating brooches are a stunning and sparkling choice.

A bouquet incorporating buttons is another creative option. The first time I saw a button and floral bouquet, I was blown away by the simple beauty.

With a wide array of colors, succulents make for a gorgeous bouquet, perfect for the off beat bride.

More and more brides are incorporating fruit into their bouquets. From pumpkins and apples for fall weddings, to cherries and berries for summer weddings, fruit elements make a lovely statement (and can serve as a snack if you get hungry!)

What bride doesn't contemplate a beach wedding? Even if getting married with the ocean behind you isn't an option, you can always incorporate a beach theme into your wedding. How about a bouquet with seashell accents?

Whatever your choice for your bridal bouquet, we at Lilygrass are ready to make your day as spectacular as you are!

Stay warm, Oklahoma!


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