The True Meaning of Christmas (for Lilygrass)

Merry Christmas, Lilygrass friends! I hope those of you who celebrate Hanukkah had a wonderful holiday season, and those of us who celebrate Christmas and Kwanza can spend some lovely time with family – coming up very soon! We’re as busy as elves here in the shop, but that’s what we do best, and we love it! This week’s blog is about the true meaning of the holidays, especially from the point of view of a floral shop.

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries… All of those events are very spectacular and very different, but they all come down to the same things at a flower shop. Here at Lilygrass, we find joy in bringing other people joy. By receiving a bouquet, that special someone not only gets the freshest cut flowers with the most dazzling design elements, but more importantly, they get a flood of feelings. Someone was thinking about them. They are important and loved. People need to be reminded that they are cherished, and one of the best times to show your appreciation and love is during the holidays.

The true meaning of Christmas, according to Lilygrass, of course, is Jesus Christ and the joy he bringing.  We are to spread that joy. If we could, we would make sure each and every person felt loved during this holiday season. We know that it is impossible to reach every single person on our block, but we do know that we can at least spread joy to each person who walks or calls the shop. We want to craft the perfect bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, and designs for everyone to feel joy. We live for that moment of first revelation when loved ones see those flowers for the first time. Their face completely lights up! That’s the moment we live for. That’s the moment that defines Christmas for us – that moment of pure joy. We love when others come to your home for that holiday feast and they see a beautiful arrangement on the table. That moment of, “Oh! That centerpiece says ‘Christmas,’” is the type of spirit we’re talking about. We desire for all people to feel that excitement and happiness that we felt when we were kids. Our belief at Lilygrass is that we can all get back to that feeling of pure joy, and we choose to get there through our floral designs.


If you’re stuck in a “bah humbug” attitude this holiday season, then come on by the shop! If you’re just struggling to spread that Christmas spirit around your office or home, then we’d love to help you! If you’re just looking for another way to be joyful and share joy with loved ones, friends, and neighbors, then give us a call this week! Lilygrass would be honored to make this world better and brighter with you. Thank you for reading, friends! Have a lovely holiday break, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Joyous Kwanza!


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