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I know we like to keep things bright and cheerful (this is a flower shop, after all!), but sometimes we have to shine some light on the softer parts of the business, too. Someone I’ve loved very deeply would have recently celebrated a birthday, and feeling those emotions got me thinking about the funeral long ago and how people came together to support us during that difficult time. I had no idea then that there were some helpful hints out there for what friends and family can do to comfort. In honor of that special person, and all of the very special people in your own life that you miss spending time with this side of eternity, this blog is dedicated to sympathy flowers.

Unfortunately, people we love and hold dear to our hearts wilt away, like even the most beautiful of flowers. No one talks about the appropriate ways to respond to this passing, because it generally is unpleasant, but then, what do we do when it happens to us? We hope and pray that we don’t need this information anytime in the near future, but on that rare, tragic occasion that you do need it, here are some guidelines for giving your respects:

Standing Sprays

These large arrangements are typically delivered straight to the funeral home or church for the ceremony.  They are positioned near the casket on an easel, and they are best delivered a day or two before, since they have no direct way to be watered. Anyone can purchase a standing spray, but it’s common for a company or other large organizations the family is associated with to give their respects with this type of design.
There are also special shapes for these standing spray arrangements. Hearts and crosses are very popular, and the classic wreath brings a calming presence, because it is the symbol for eternal life.


Casket Sprays

    Casket sprays are one of the most essential floral pieces of sympathy flowers. These adorn the casket, and they are usually ordered by the direct family members. They come in a full or half option, with the full spray usually reserved for closed-casket services. These beautiful arrangements are meant to reflect the spirit of the one who has passed on.

    There are a few other types of popular casket sprays – the scarf and the blanket. Each type of spray is completely appropriate and all are stunning visuals that represent the colorful life that was lived.



These types of arrangements are very common for friends or co-workers to send. They can be sent to the funeral home, church, or even straight to the family of the deceased. You can often choose between an actual basket, like the one pictured above, or other designs in different containers. They are smaller in size than the sprays, and their simple elegance brings a hopeful air of renewed life.

Dish Gardens

These arrangements consist of green or blooming plants and some that have yet to bloom. They represent the opportunity for growth and new life, and they can be directly watered, so they will last as long as you water them. These designs sit inside small dishes, rather than baskets or vases. These are very appropriate for friends and coworkers to give directly to those in mourning.

The Card

Almost all of these types of sympathy flowers come with a small card, and its size is by no accident. It’s difficult to think of the “right” words to say to someone in a time of loss. Most of the time, a simple phrase that lets people know you are thinking about them gives them immense comfort. “Our thoughts and prayers are with you” or “Our deepest condolences” are perfect lines of sympathy. Be sure to also include the first and last names of the people who sent the gift, so the family can thank you at a later time.



The most important thing you can do is to share your stories of your loved one with your florist, so they can design the most personalized arrangement possible. They want to encapsulate your condolences as well as the vibrant personality of the soul who has been surrendered.


  To further help you choose the very best arrangement possible, this link below will take you to a great site that explains what each color of flower means, so you can be sure to send the message you intend.

Again, we share our hearts with those of you who have experienced loss in your lifetime. May these words help guide your decisions during difficult times. God bless!

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