Prom Season

Hello, Lilygrass fans!

This blog is all about the crazy week we’ve had last week! For starters, it is prom season! We love the festivities that surround this fun time of the year, and this year we were honored to design around fifty corsages and boutonnieres for some lucky Putnam City North High School students! We were exhausted, but we loved every minute of it!

This week we definitely worked as a team. On top of all of the prom fun, we also designed four weddings for Saturday! So during the week we got busy.

We can’t put the flowers into anything until the day of or day before, in order to ensure that they’re at their peak performance level, but we could build the bases. We had everyone in the shop working on these projects this week! (The owner’s husband even helped deliver flowers for a wedding on Saturday! What a helper!)


By the time Saturday rolled around, we were ready to place those flowers and make some happy customers! Here are the options for the Lilygrass corsages:

Our elastic band corsage starts at $27.50, and that allows you to customize the color of ribbon and flower, and you get to choose three accessories. Accessories include rhinestones, beads, pearls, feathers, leaves, etc. There are a ton of ways to personalize these fun wristbands!

From there, we have sequin bands, jewel bands, and slap bracelets that start at $29.50. Those also allow you the choice of ribbon and flower and the three accessories.


Our $36.50 option has a gorgeous pearl or beaded wristlet. These are some of our best sellers, because they are so beautiful! Your choice of flower and ribbon adorns this lovely set-up, as well. And the three accessories are still included.


Our last bracelet option is one made entirely of rhinestones. These are definitely show-stoppers and will be sure to catch the eye of passerby! You’ll have everyone asking you where you got such a beautiful corsage! With a nice price-point of $43.50, this awesome addition to your prom dress is sure to not break the bank!



Any and all of these corsages can be personalized with more than the three accessories included in the price for a minimal up-charge for each add-on. Lilygrass can show your sparkling personality through each individual design, and we love to do it!

But wait! That’s not all! We can’t have a blog all about corsages and not mention our breath-taking boutonnieres! Starting at just $9.00, there’s no way you could say no to our designs!

The $9.00 option is our base model boutonniere that speaks to our classic fan. It allows your choice of flower wrapped in green floral tape and will be sure to delight!


The $12.00 cousin to the green foil wrap gives you the choice of color ribbon you’d like wrapped around your choice of blossom. (Most Lilygrass men like to match their color ribbon to their date’s!).


And finally, we have stylish lapels for only $15.00! These are some of my favorite new floral fashions to come around. These tiny metal pin vases come in gold, silver and pewter and  hold your choice of flower, and they look great! Come check these cool collar accessories out today!


If any of your boutonnieres need more greenery or accessories, you are welcome to personalize these, as well, also for a small up-charge per accessory added.


Come on in to Lilygrass flowers and decor today for all of your prom needs! We love working on these fun add ons to a special night that will last in memories forever.

Thank you, Putnam City North High School, for all of your business and community support! We love you and hope you had a safe and wonderful evening!


Thank you, fans! See you soon!

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