Poinsettia Season

Merry Christmas, Lilygrass fans!                  


We hope this blog finds you warm and merry, especially because we’ll be discussing another popular Christmas tradition – poinsettias! Nothing spreads cheer quite like decking your halls with some gorgeous poinsettias!

The backstory of how poinsettias became a crucial part of our Christmas culture is very interesting. The plants themselves originate from Mexico, and so does their story. A young girl named Pepita (or some versions call her Maria) could not afford a gift for Jesus for his birthday, so she grabbed what she could. What everyone thought were just weeds gathered from the side of the road blossomed into the breath-taking flowers we use to help us celebrate today.

The poinsettia is also popular for a variety of other reasons. Obviously that brilliant red color complements the traditional red and green palette associated with Christmastime. The flower is also shaped like a star, which is also a common shape seen during the holiday season, especially atop those evergreen trees!


Here at Lilygrass, we can spruce up the classic poinsettia in several different ways. We can wrap those beautiful blooms in your color choice of pot cover sleeve. They can carefully be arranged in a basket or even a double basket! We also carry several decorative containers to display your plants in.



We can’t stop there, though! You also have a choice in the type of poinsettia you’d like! There are several different traditional red choices, but we also have a winter rose variety that is just angelic! The red blooms offer a pure, clean “pop” in any holiday scene. And who doesn’t love Christmas?


If that weren’t enough customization for you, you can still choose what size would best suit your needs, as well! We offer all of those design options listed above in convenient 6" or 8" plants.

Your final choice is the easiest one of all – Use Lilygrass today for all of your holiday happenings!  Give us a call or come on in!

We can’t wait to work with you to design the perfect gift or centerpiece. Thanks for reading!

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