old Farmer's market

Hello again, friends!

I hope this time of year is treating you well! It sure is treating Lilygrass well because we did four weddings over the weekend! It was crazy and it was wonderful! We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of matrimony!

One of those weddings took place at a gorgeous rustic venue downtown in the old Farmer’s Market. It’s got that old world peeling paint, high uncovered ceilings, and plenty of room. The tall windows allow for immense amounts of natural light. The atmosphere whisks you away to a gentler time and place, and our floral arrangements certainly helped!

We started with some simple mini, two-toned calla lilies (dark purple centers with white tips – breathtaking!) for the bridal bouquet. Her tossing bouquet carried over that same elegant style, just slightly more compact. Her bridesmaids carried gorgeous purple lisianthus with a few white accent lisianthus to really make them pop. The ladies were absolutely beautiful and those purple petals perfectly complemented their flowing dresses.

Next we tackled the altar. The bride had draped gossamer tulle around the rustic iron arch. We attached two eye-catching altar pieces of deep purple hydrangeas (so deep you could swim in them), purple stock, dark purple lisianthus, and plumosa greenery on the arch. When you breathed in, your nostrils flooded with freshness from those brilliantly arranged pieces.


Finally, we got to those conversation starters on the tables – the centerpieces! We created six skyscraping arrangements in trumpet vases topped with those deep purple hydrangeas we love, purple spider mums (always a fun touch), purple stock, purple roses, and plumosa. They were almost as beautiful as the bride!


Then, we designed some smaller arrangements in these adorable fish bowls. We stuck with the purple color scheme but also added some white hydrangeas for drama and to tie in with the bridesmaid bouquets.


We also added some of the same flowers around the unity candle, and it was so big we could wear it like a necklace!

Those dark purple elements in that elegant old room really transported us back into the 1930’s. What a fun and charming wedding. Lilygrass is honored to be part of it!

Congratulations, newlyweds! Hopefully we’ll do it again in fifty years!

Stop and smell the flowers, Lilyheads!