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Hello, Lily friends!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful last week of July! It’s crazy that summer is almost over, but who’s not ready for some high-top boots and pumpkin everything? I mean, come on. Fall is the best! But with the winding down of summer, unfortunately, also comes a lull in the world of floral design. So, to spice things up a bit, we enlisted the help of a fellow Brixton Square Shopping Center business – Signs Now, and they sure did a GREAT job! We’ve gone from “blah” to “Ta da!” in just about an hour and the windows look fantastic! Here are a few reasons why we decided to go with some roll on window treatments:

Signs Now has saved us precious time and money. Beforehand, we were setting up window displays, which, obviously, takes lots of time to do and Now all we have to do is make sure the glass is cleaned. It’s wonderful!

Another benefit that came from the new windows is the curb appeal. Wow! Before, the shop really just blended in with the other businesses on our row, and we are placed among lots of other big, brick buildings, too. These new windows break up the monotony, and they sure catch your eye as you drive by. It looks fresh and professional, and I bet it will even help some with the bills! (All but two windows are covered with what is essentially a patterned window tint.) I can not adore these enough!

Signs Now also enabled us to open up the inside of the store a little bit. Let me tell you, this last reason is really helpful, because we carry a lot of breakable (and adorable) keepsake items. Sometimes it could get a little dangerous to meander the aisles if you had a large purse but not anymore! We were able to push tables against the windows and that helped give everyone a little more breathing room. It feels like a completely new place and we could not be happier. Sometimes you just need a good change of scenery. It helps with the creativity.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to draw in some more business, I suggest the window treatments from Signs Now. While you’re checking them out, feel free to come on by our shop to see their great work! Have a great one, Lilyheads!

~~Lilygrass flowers and decor  

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