Men want flowers too

Summer. It is officially here (or pretending to be)! Summer means the pool is open and I get to entertain. I love having friends over for a BBQ and some pool time. It is also wedding season, and I'm blessed to be exhausted most nights when I get home!

I've been asked a few times why men don’t receive flowers regularly, so I thought I'd research to see why there is such a disparity. I know plenty of men who love flowers! They think they are beautiful and lots of them smell amazing. What's not to love? My grandfather babied his rose bushes like they were tiny hummingbird eggs.

So it turns out there are two main reasons why women think men don’t want flowers: a) we don't want them to have a masculinity crisis, and b) because we as women tend to expect to be wooed, not do the actual wooing.
If we are into a guy, what's wrong with showing him? Even the manliest dude needs a little love and appreciation sometimes, and we can certainly use flowers to say "I'm sorry" any time.  

Now that we know we need to get with the program, here's how to send a man flowers without treading on his manliness.

Be careful with color. Pastels are probably considered "too feminine." Unless you know lavender is his favorite color, bold colors (red, orange, yellow, gold) are likely your best bet. Avoid arrangements that are too busy. What looks like a stunning, multicolor bouquet to women might seem excessive to men..

Now, on to flowers. In a perfect world, our men would tell us their favorite flowers, so we could send them whenever the mood strikes us. Instead, we get to guess. True story: men typically like unusual flowers, like orchids or birds of paradise. Mums and sunflowers are great flowers to send to men. They're beautiful without being overly feminine.

Rather than tall bouquets with different flower types, short arrangements with only one or two different blooms are thought to be more visually appealing to men and less likely to make him feel awkward if receiving a bouquet at the office. Rustic accents will add depth and texture, and we can always incorporate items related to any hobbies he may have (golf, car enthusiasts, sports, etc.).

Now that you're prepared, when should you send your man flowers? How about Valentine's Day? Your anniversary? What about Father's Day? You can send a bouquet as a “thank you” or “I'm sorry”. Just think of times you'd like to receive flowers, and send him an arrangement. Oh, and one more thing: be straightforward on the card. You don't want him to be confused, after all!

Until next time, take care of yourselves -- and each other. <3

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