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Hello friends of Lilygrass! Welcome to the new year! I hope 2016 is filled with all of the joy, growing, and changes you desire. In honor of the new year and some of those changes, we here at Lilygrass want to dedicate a blog to the men out there. Flowers and floral design is a hard world to navigate for anyone, so we did the leg work for you, gentlemen! So read up!


First, we’ll start with the easy one – Valentine’s Day. Of course, guys, you can always go with the standard dozen red roses but you could also do other colored roses, as well and even mix the colors.  We carry a large variety of colored roses to choice from to best fit her personality.  We also will have fresh arrangement specials that fit any price budget.  We can help you show your woman she’s special, and it won't break the bank. (Remember, we deliver or you can pick up!)


Now, we’ll move into mother territory. Moms are extra special and love everything from their sons. You’ve been giving your mom flowers since you were a little boy picking them out of her own garden (she loved them all). Keep up the trend with a tasteful bouquet of wild flowers. It will remind her of all of the flowers you picked for her while you were growing up.

Now, if your mom is a more refined woman who prefers things not so wild, you can always go with the standard set of roses. I would steer clear of traditional red ones, though, as they tend to signify romance. Yellow is a safe bet, as is white, and even pink.

If you happen to know your mother’s favorite flower, then let us know what it is! If it’s in season, we can do our best to get it for her! If it’s not, then we can gather some blooms that are similar in shape, color, style, etc.


“But what about my mother-in-law?” Chances are you haven’t been picking flowers for your MIL throughout your wonder years, so the bouquet of wild flowers could be a flop. Instead you could opt for a beautiful orchid or a nice potted plant. I wouldn’t gift any types of cacti, though, as it might convey the message that your bride’s mother has a prickly personality. Stick to things that are very obviously eye-catching. Bonus points if you tell her that you picked it out, because it reminded you of her.


Onward to babytown! There are many times in our lives when people around us decide to take that jump into parenthood. Whether it’s for the first time or the fifth time, some nice flowers in the delivery room or at home are a nice gesture for the new mom without your actual presence. Come to us and send a happy, colorful bouquet. Any type of daisy would be perfect! They even come in several different colors, so you can try to match their nursery (if you so choose)! Hydrangeas are another good flower for new moms and babies. They are a gigantic, gorgeous bloom, so even the baby can check out the beauty of this world! Those even come in a blue color, whereas the daisies do not, so if someone just had a baby boy, a blue hydrangea is a nice gesture. 


What about traditional birthdays? Now, this is a tricky one without a one-size-fits-all answer. Of course, the go to type of flower is anyone’s favorite. However, if you don’t know her favorite flower, you can use their age, kind of. Of course, southern women especially never reveal their age.

If you’re buying flowers for a little girl, a favorite color is always a good bet. However, if you don’t know her favorite color, go with some fun, smaller blooms stuck inside a cute coffee cup or piggy bank. It’s a double gift! My dad used to get me flowers inside coffee cups for every birthday when I was younger. He stopped after a few years, but I wish he would’ve kept it up. I only have one of those coffee cups left, and I hold it very dear to my heart.

If you’re buying flowers for a teenager, go for her personality type – fun-loving girls would swoon for sunflowers or gerbera daisies. More mature teenagers would appreciate roses or tulips. We can also design bouquets to fit these personality types. Just describe the girl to us, and we’ll take care of the rest!

For a woman, younger or older, roses are always a good call, but make sure you follow the color guidelines – red for romance, yellow for friendship, white and pink are pretty safe for most things, too. However, if you’re looking for something a little different than just the traditional roses, go with gladiolas. They’re tall stalks with blooms growing all along one side of the tall stem. They come in deep purples, lavender, yellow, orange, green, white, pink, and red. They are beautiful, and not extremely common, so this woman will think you are some exotic breed of a man! You can never go wrong with tulips, or lilies. They also offer a variety of different colors, so you can be sure to get exactly what she’s hoping for.


Here at Lilygrass, we also know that life isn’t always about daisies and roses. Sometimes men and women get into arguments. If you need a nice “I’m Sorry” flower, of course, the traditional red roses work, but you can also go with a mixed arrangement. A combination or roses and lilies together also makes a nice “Forgive Me” bouquet.


Hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion for you men out there! The world of women can be a difficult one to navigate, but the bottom line is simple: If you make an effort, no matter what flowers you choose, she will appreciate it.


Thanks for reading, Lilygrass fans! Now get on in the shop today, so we can help you make the ladies in your life smile!

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